Hello Mailing List,

i use an external sigature- service in order to signature documents.
There are two possibilities 1. pdf-embedded and 2.pkcs7 - encoding in a
separate file.

I think that the hash of the input- document must be compared with a
value coded by the private key in the signature file.
The certificate is part of the signature- file.

My problem is, that i really don't know how to verify a signatured pdf
with openssl. I searched a litte bit in the mailing list, an read
something about openssl dgst -but the verify option is not very
self-describing :-) .

Can openssl extract the certificate and/or the public- key from the
signature- file and is it possible to verify a pdf-embedded signature
with openssl. Can i use openssl dgst to verify a pkcs7- signatured pdf ?

It would be very nice if someone could help me

Thank you in advance
Julian Thomé

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