Steve West wrote:
> I get the message unsupported methods from ssl_accept() bio_read. I
> get this message from my server when I try to connect using openssl
> s_client. Any suggestions?
> Steve

It is possible to implement STARTTLS with OpenSSL.

This is where you connect your server on port 25 using unencrypted.
Issue the "EHLO" and then "STARTTLS" commands.

At the client CAREFULLY eat the response a byte at a time so you suck
the response and the "\r\n" end-of-line.

Then you initialize OpenSSL with the socket.

It is possible and it does work.

I have seen the mode in s_client I'm sure that works too.

Maybe it would be easier to implement "smtps" on port 465. This is
direct SSL on the socket (much like HTTPS on port 443), if you can
successfully implement this and get it working then work on the more
tricky STARTTLS support.

You didn't really say a lot about your problem ?

If your problem with "s_client" tool ?

If your problem with your implementation of an SMTP server with STARTTLS
support ?


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