On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 04:40:24PM -0400, Chris de Vidal wrote:

> We need to change the hostname of our CA. Actually, we'll be moving
> from CentOS 3.9 to Windows 2003, from built-in OpenSSL to XAMPP's
> OpenSSL. But it seems to me that the only difference that SSL clients
> will notice is the new hostname.
> Anyone know how to do this?

How to do what? The hostname of your CA does not generally appear in
certificates and is not generally of any interest to anyone. If this is
not the case for you, you need to explain your question in more detail.

If you want to field a new root CA certificate, with a new subject ==
issuer DN, all systems that trust the old CA cert will need to have the
new CA cert added to the list of trusted root CAs so that new certificates
you create can be verified.

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