Michael S. Zick wrote:
> On Fri October 24 2008, David Schwartz wrote:

> - - - -
>> Notice how this assumes that if BIO_sock_error returns zero, the connection
>> completed? This is a bogus inference. The absence of an error just means the
>> connection attempt has not failed *yet* and tells you nothing about how it
>> will ultimately turn out.

> Man, your giving away the secrets to the version 1.0 openSSL -
> the "crystal ball" socket operations.
> When completed, you will only have to type the URL into your browser and openSSL
> will report if that site has anything of interest to you _before_ it connects.
> It brings a whole new meaning to "channeling" the communications.
> Mike

lol, Michael.

David, thanks a lot for the answer. I'll see if I can come up with a
workaround to the problem.

I was thinking about an alternate solution, using blocking sockets,
and doing the connect on another thread. If the user cancels the
operation I'd close the socket (BIO_free) and I guess the connect
would return with an error and the thread would exit then. Seems a
little dirty but it could simplify my life. What do you think?

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