Good day.

I am doing my master thesis on developing a framework for creating
secured intranet sites. I am using openssl for enabling https in my
framework. I have a problem in integrating openssl completely into my
framework. When I run an application developed based upon openSSL it
askes for some dependency files (DLL files). I would like to eliminate
this by integrating these dependency files during compile time and
thereby eliminating the need for the openssl DLL files during runtime.
to be precise the application that I am developing should be completely
dependent on only my framework rather than looking for DLL files in

Also I would like to know if including the static LIB files provided by
openssl will solve this problem. If yes, I would like to know if these
static LIB files are available for all flavors of operating systems. I
want to defined my framework which can be used for Windows, Unix, Linux,

Please let me know how I can acheive this. I would appreciate any
references that I can have a look at.


Vamsi Mylavarapu
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