Thanks to all for information.
Special thanks to Geoff for mentioning the assembly code. As he mentioned
the assembly code was making thousands of UMRs and the code dump in Purify
instrumented code. I was able to complete my test cases and found few
memory leaks in our code.

Thanks again for the help.

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 3:51 AM, Tim Hudson wrote:

> Sanjith Chungath wrote:
>> I am getting thousands of UMRs and finally one segmentation error and a
>> core dump while trying to create a keystore. Am using 0.9.8g. Everything
>> works fine without purify. I also tried rebuilding openssl with PURIFY"
>> compiler option. But that also didnt help me.

> Compile with debug enabled - i.e. "-g" compiler option and rerun the test
> so that the line numbers in each source file are also listed - that helps
> when looking at the context.
> With a -DPURIFY build you should not in general be getting any UMRs.
> You can also look at
> is a patch I posted to the list back in Feb when looking through
> purify issues.
> I'm working on a linux-x86 setup (not solaris-sparc) but most of the issues
> are platform independent.
> Tim.