On Thu, Oct 16, 2008, Justin A wrote:

> Steve:
> Thanks for your response.!
> 1) Will there be an issue if we change the names from ssleay32.lib ->
> ssl.lib and libeayfips32.lib -> crypto.lib . I remember reading on some
> forms that changing the names of the library which are generated by* fips
> build does cause issue. Is this true..?

Only the validated tarball portion of the build cannot be changed.

The library names are determined by the 0.9.8 sources using the procedure you
followed. You can change their names in the makefiles if you wish.

> 2) Also while building fips, does it support buiding binaries with debug,
> non-debug, single thread and mutitreaded like how openssl does..? or will
> there be any issues. I could not find this in the user guide docs. If there
> is another reference please point to that.

The validated tarball build procedure uses /MD and that cannot be changed
without affecting the validation.

So although you could change the threading options to the rest of the build
that may well conflict.

However for debugging purposes where you typically don't care about validation
you can change anything.

That is all of course hypothetical since it hasn't been validated at this

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