On Thu, Oct 16, 2008, Justin A wrote:

> My Question is:-
> 1) I remember when I previously build openssl I used to end up getting
> libcrypto.lib and libssl.a. Now its ssleay32.lib and libeayfips32.lib
> instead of libssl.a and libcrypto.a respectively. I ran the dumpbin on these
> two libraries and it does have all the ssl and crypto symbols. nt.mak file
> also have these names defined. So is this the right naming convention..?

Yes in 1.1.2 we had to use a Unix like build environment under Windows in
order to have the same build procedure on all platforms.

This is no longer the case and VC++ can be used throughout.

Note that you can also use a recent 0.9.8 snapshot as the FIPS changes have
now been merged into 0.9.8.

> 2) Are the steps which I followed to build the FIPS capable openssl steps
> right..?

Well it is a test version and not validated at present, but yes they are

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