Responding to openssl-users which is the place for this sort of
discussion, the openssl-dev list is for development of openssl itself
(rather than using openssl or developing external code that uses it).

It appears your system (or your PATH) doesn't include the "make" binary.
Compiling source code invariably requires a functioning 'make'. This is
not an openssl problem, it is unlikely you could compile *any* source
code with that environment. If you have a sysadmin or other support
channel, you probably want them to fix the environment or install the
missing package(s).


On Thursday 16 October 2008 07:23:05 Mustafa Ayoub wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> i am working on sun Solaris 10 environment i tried to install open SSL
> (openssl-0.9.8h)
> Find my steps below :
> # pwd/usr/src/openssl-0.9.8h# . ./config -tOperating system:
> sun4v-whatever-solaris2Configuring for solaris-sparcv9-cc/usr/bin/perl
> ./Configure solaris-sparcv9-cc #make
> bash: make: command not found
> Is this a right patch for openSSL ?if not please advice the right one
> , your support is highly appreciated .
> Best Regards
> Mustafa Ayoub (I.T.S.) ( Kuwait +965-97256940 Jordan
> +962-795266356
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