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I am using openssl in my Application. It works on 32 bit Linux
environment. Now I am porting my application to
64 Bit on HP-UX. I compiled the library with aCC -c +O2 -g +DD64 +Z
flags. The shared library got successfully created and the
libsecuritymodule.sl is archive of all 64-Bit objects (ELF-64 relocatable
object files - IA64).

The problem that I am facing is

(Nested Function call flow)

(SecurityWrap1.cpp) (decrypt.c) (smime.c) (pk7_smime1.c)
(pk7_doit1.c) (p_dec1.c)
VerifyAndDecrypt ( ) -> DecryptMessage( ) -> openssl( ) ->
PKCS7_decrypt( ) -> PKCS7_dataDecode( ) -> EVP_PKEY_decrypt( ) ->

(rsa_lib1.c) (rsa_eay1.c)
RSA_private_decrypt( ) Line:233 -> RSA_eay_private_decrypt( ) ->
RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2( )

Padding Check logic returns -1 ( Which says Padding Check failed / Block
Type is not O2). This causes openssl to return 4 as error code, and
Decryption fails.
I think the issue is related to computation of BIGNUM by function
BN_bn2bin( ) in bn_lib.c.

This is piece of code from rsa_pk1_1.c (forgive me for pasting the code

int RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2(unsigned char *to, int tlen,
unsigned char *from, int flen, int num)
int i,j;
unsigned char *p;

if ((num != (flen+1)) || (*(p++) != 02))

The num variable is 128 while flen is 178. So the if condition gets
validated and this returns Error.
Please help me what is wrong here?

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