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So I've spent all week trying to find the answer to no success.
I've downloaded and installed the precompiled openssl binaries for windows.
My app includes the line:


and compiles correctly. The app runs until openssl code is accessed. Then I

OPENSSL_Uplink(058A1010,05): no OPENSSL_Applink
Are you #include'ing it into C++? If so it will get compiled with a C++
mangled name, and the lookup won't be able to find it. #include it as C --
I think it works to do extern"C"{..} in C++, but haven't verified.
Or compile separately as C, but make sure it gets linked. You can do
DUMPBIN /EXPORTS on the resulting .exe to check it's there and correct.


I've seen comments in the faq about adding: CRYPTO_malloc_init(); but it
generates compilation errors.


Those errors look like the compiler thinks this is a declaration, which it's
and thus can't understand it. Do you have it at file (or C++ namespace)
It's a macro that expands to executable code, which must be in a function,
and should be in a function that executes it once before any other lib use.

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