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>From: Fred Picher
>Sent: Aug 14, 2008 11:18 AM
> Unfortunately this is seemingly the case, as told by actual
> gouvernement reps.

Fred, I'm sorry I'm not of any help on the technical side, but I would strongly advise you to heavily discount what gouvernement reps tell you verbally, because they are often wrong and will almost always err on the side of imposing greater restrictions than are actually required. Hey, I'm not a right-wing anti-government yahoo. I'm just stating this as a matter of fact, from common sense and personal experience.

Before doing all this hacking to OpenSSL, ask this rep for a reference to the relevant section and paragraph number of the relevant regulation or statute, look it up and read it for yourself. If this rep cannot give you the reference, it's a good indication that their advice is probably wrong.


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