I'm having some strange new problems with using OpenSSL 0.9.8 libs. I
compiled the example source code from the O'Reillys "Network Security
with OpenSLL" book and I'm still getting a failure on
SSL_get_peer_certificate(ssl) returning NULL. When I do a trace i see
that its failing because ssl->session->peer is NULL. Why would that
happen? I'm using the certs generated by the book's source code as
well so I know they're correct. My code is exactly the same as the
book's examples and it works for 0.9.7 but not 0.9.8.

Also I am calling SSL_CTX_set_verify() before SSL_new() is called so I
know thats not the problem.

(If anyone wants to take a look the source for the book is available
at http://opensslbook.com/code.html The examples I compiled are
client2.c and server2.c. If you want I can copy paste the important
parts in a message a post in on here)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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