Ariel Sanchez wrote:
> Good afternoon, sir.
> Using v.0.9.8g, on Windows XP SP3 (FTP Server), logged in as Local
> Administrator account.
> I was hoping to get some insight as to why I am getting the following
> errors (I hope you can see these screen shots)
> I tried the "g" version since v.0.9.8h was giving me other issues (i.e.,
> command line error: "openssl" or "openssl.exe" is not a recognized
> internal or external command). I'm trying to generate a key, then csr
> file to send to VeriSign in order to download a certificate.
> Any insight would be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ariel Sanchez

I recently had a discussion with someone involving 0.9.8g/h on XP SP3.
They uninstalled SP3 (reverted back to SP2) and it worked fine. 0.9.8h
requires the VC++ 2008 Redistributable to be installed. See link below
the link you used to install 0.9.8h. Even then, supposedly 0.9.8h
doesn't work under SP3.

This could be some sort of bug either in SP3 or OpenSSL (or both). I
don't have SP3 installed and I've heard various reports that it is
somewhat buggy. I generally like to wait until the dust settles before
installing the latest Service Pack.

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