> We're implementing our own web-server intended to run on Win32 platform
> and using OpenSSL for TLS/SSL support. We're obliged to be
> FIPS-certified and we're using OpenSSL 0.9.7 with FIPS module for these
> purposes. Recently, we were requested to support amd64 platform. I've
> tried to build OpenSSL 0.9.8, but it failed to build successfully
> neither with cross-compiler, nor with native x86_64 gcc compiler.
> Anyway, I had to modify makefiles in both approaches.
> Is there any method to build 64-bit version of FIPS-compliant OpenSSL?

Not for the moment. As mentioned on openssl-dev (see
http://marc.info/?t=121451378600008&r=1&w=2), validated 0.9.7-based code
does not support Win64 and never will. 0.9.8-based code does support
Win64, but it's not yet validated. I'm dismissing this case. A.

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