> in "Configure", line 415, we see AR option "-X 64". There should
> not be space, so correct one is "-X64".

It was there for years [and was working for me at numerous occasions].
How come it doesn't for you? What's your AIX version? As for
"illegality." AIX manual page appears to be permitting for space. Is it
IBM ar that gets invoked? I mean is there chance that you run GNU ar?

> But perhaps many users use
> OBJECT_MODE=64 commandline argument they do not see anything wrong.

Build system is designed to override OBJECT_MODE, i.e. you can have
OBJECT_MODE set to 32, run ./Configure aix64-cc and it should build
64-bit library. And vice versa. Which is why aix-cc contains explicit -X
32, with space... How come nobody complained about this one so far either?

> Could you please correct this, thanks.

How do we know it doesn't break things for others? I mean as already
mentioned it was working for years and given that your problem appears
as deviation. Note that I'm not saying that it won't be changed, all I'm
saying is that presented evidence does not suffice for suggested change. A.

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