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> Subject: Prime number generation on FreeBSD-sparc64
> Hello!
> Hello!
> We're trying to use OpenSSL on FreeBSD-sparc64 and it goes into infinite
> loop while generating a prime number - the number generated is never
> prime, so it goes back for more and more. Has anyone had that problem?
> How did you solve it?
> Thank you,
> Yuliya
> P.S. Yes, I've read that FAQ about sparc 64. Unfortunately, not
> supporting this platform is not an option and -m32 flag is not supported
> by GCC on it, either.

I believe the correct flag for 32 bit on a Sparc for gcc is
-mv8 and -mv7, not -m32. The V8 Sparc chip is a 32 bit chip
so if gcc is generating 64 bit code with this flag that's
a bug that should be reported to gcc. See more:


I don't know, of course, if 32 bit binaries generated this
way could even run.

Why exactly are you trying to generate primes with OpenSSL? It's much
faster to just download the table of primes from someplace like
http://primes.utm.edu/lists/small/millions/ and pack this with
your application.


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