Hello OpenSSL developers,

I've been trying to build openssl from source with MinGW, and found
that several releases back the packages being offered include

The symlinks present some issues while unpacking the source with tar
under MSYS:

tar: openssl-0.9.8h/test/ectest.c: Cannot create symlink to `../crypto/
ec/ectest.c': No such file or directory

Just to name one, (there are a lot of those errors).

My interest is bring a updated version of OpenSSL using MinGW like the
one offered by GNUwin32 project, but up-to-date ;-)

Any suggestions? I can manually unpack those on a Linux system, but we
wanted to automate the process.

Unpacking it with any other package manager just generate empty files,
since they are unable to properly unpack symlink references.

Looking forward for your comments.

Regards and thanks in advance for your time,
Luis Lavena