This is for AS2, specifically Signed, then Encrypted message.

Before I encrypt I simply checksum SHA1 the file with the muitipart content:
EDI data on first part and signature on second. Mime Headers are canonical
at end of each mime header. Signature is binary because my trading
partner wants it like that. Anyway. There is a whole package with
multipart content, boundaries, etc. I attached it here:
http://www.nabble.com/file/p17994998/mictest.txt mictest.txt

Ok, if you do a SHA1 over it you get
229585b2927684ac1f8dae4290e3e70d6d9cb53f and if the sha1 is run as binary to
then be injected in a base64 encoder (openssl sha1 -binary
mictest.txt|openssl enc -a, you get: IpWFspJ2hKwfja5CkOPnDW2ctT8=

Though, my trading partner with his WPG says that's not the value of the
MIC, he gets "Uiaz1kOChhlSb/f3SJsmJ/O/8SI=" instead.

Because the message is encrypted (asymetric, so one needs a certificate and
private key to open) , the decryption brings out a quite monolithic unit,
headers are canonical and there is a after the last boundary too,
┬┐what then could be the error in the MIC calculation?

Thanks for the help
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