we are confused:

The "PEM_write_bio_RSAPrivateKey" function among other WRTING functions
take "kstr" argument of type "unsigned char*" and a "klen" argument
containing the length of "kstr".

On the other hand the "PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey" only takes an argument
"u" of type "void*" which is interpreted as a terminated string.

To sum it up: We have two datatypes for passphrase:

1. "unsigned char *" used with "kstr"
2. "void*" used with "u"

In Addition to that, the "PEM_write_bio_RSAPrivateKey" also takes a "u"

We want to know which datatype to use for passphrases. Can we always use
"u" and always use "char*" pointers, 'cause that's how "u" is interpreted?

Here's my main source of information on this topic:

Thanks in advance
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