I'm getting started with ssl, and there's a lot of things I don't get
about the library, small, and quite a lot of them

Isn't there an IRC channel, or some kind of faster communication way than this?

The documentation's poor at best, and I don't completely get the
general concepts. From reading examples I figure that only the
BIO_f_ssl does encryption-decryption when written into? so what should
I do if I want to provide an api that has functions b_encrypt and
encrypt_flush? I have to use OpenSSL with memory buffers, because I
can't give it direct access to sockets, so I'm wondering how to handle
the handshakes and whatnot in a non-blocking way. Do I need 2
BIO_f_ssls, one for imput and one for output, or what? I just want an
object which will take data, encrypt it and put it in a buffer, which
I can use to write into the socket, and that will read encrypted data
that I will take from a socket, and put the decrypted version into a
buffer, so I can pass it to my http client. I don't want the SSL
object to handle the sockets directly because this has to be portable,
but I don't fully understand which kinds of BIOs do I need to model
this data flow, and how do I handle the handshakes and the such.



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