I'm trying to make an application encypting data on the server side
using a public key and decrypting it on the client side using the
related private key. Now i've run in two problems:
I have a private key and a related certificate file created from a
certificate request (CSR) and signed by an own CA. Both are created
using OpenSSL. The first problem is that I can't get the public key
out of the cerificate using PEM_read_RSA_PUBKEY. I've exported the
public key alone to a single file, from that I can load the public
key. Trying to load it from the certificate gives an "no starting
line" error.
Second, and maybe even worse, when encrypting data with the public key
using RSA_public_encrypt and again decrypting it with the private one
using RSA_private_decrypt, the decrypted data differs widely from the
original data. When I try the same using OpenSSL's rsautl command-line
tool, it works perfectly with this key pair (public key/private key as
well as certificate/private key).
Both keys and certificate are in PEM format. The certificates
signature is valid.
Could anyone give me some hint what might be going on here?

Thanks and regards
Till Elsner
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