On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 06:57:49PM -0600, Tuan Vu wrote:

> Yes I have to do it myself. My problem is, I cant find any API in the
> openssl document that let me extract keys from both sides given an SSL
> object. So I was wondering how I can get those keys. Thanks.

Forget APIs for a moment, you are lost in the weeds.

What is the maximum relevant information two parties in a TLS connection
(potentially) know about each other? Is the information you need
available, in principle after a TLS handshake, and what optional features
of TLS do you need to enable to ensure that the right data is known to
both sides.

If (under appropriate conditions) all the required data is available,
which objects do you need to access in order to obtain to the relevant

Once you have a general plan of attack, find the right API entry points.

Really, ask your instructor for help if you need it.

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