When you have trouble using CVS, please search the net for information
or a good book about it, because many projects use this revision
control system.

You will not find CMS in any 0.9.8 source tree; you will need to use
OpenSSL 0.9.9 sources - which are available through CVS or, when you
must, through the 0.9.9 source tree snapshots published at the OpenSSL
ftp site (see 'sources' -> snapshots ftp on the OPenSSL web site).

CMS comes with a sample app and documentation (in the doc/ directory
in the form of .pod files, which will be processed when you build
OpenSSL - Perl is mandatory then).

Documentation is available in the form of a sample application and
accompanying documentation in 0.9.9:

doc/apps/cms.pod is the documentation master copy.
apps/cms.c is the sample app source code.

Tip: For maximum ease of first use, get yourself a Linux or BSD box
and build the OpenSSL sources and documentation on that one first -
that is the platform where almost everybody else is working on, so
you'll have the least number of surprises there. If you don't know how
to use Linux, find someone who does or get a book about it.
Once done on such a UNIX machine, move to Win32/Windows and rebuild
the 0.9.9 snapshot/CVS source tree there.
I give you this advice because the Windows platform can become quite
cumbersome once you tread outside the Microsoft-published development
realm and it doesn't look to me like you have the experience there

Added benefit is that when you build it on a Linux box, I hope you
will quite quickly be able to produce a working CMS test application,
which you can use to verify [part of] your operation.

Last but certainly not least: do not mix 0.9.9 with 0.9.8 unless you
know what you are doing.


Ger Hobbelt

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 7:00 AM, shankar ks wrote:
> Hi steve ,
> I am trying to find out the source code for CMS in openssl , I have done
> signing, compression, encryption of my data using Openssl API's in C
> programing language.. Now I need to inplement all those signing ,
> compression, encryption data as a CMS package.
> I have reffered to the CVS of openssl :
> , Here i found the CMS , but
> when i Download the latest versions of openssl like 0.9.8g , there i did not
> find any files realted to cms (like /crypto/cms) ..
> Even i tried to implement the CMS using the PKCS#7 Api's, but there is no
> proper information is available for those ..
> Can you please give me where I will get the source code of CMS for the SSL's
> given on openssl organisation.. and also give me the information of how to
> use the CMS API's or some document related to those usages ...
> Thanks in Advance
> --
> --Best Regards
> Shankar

Met vriendelijke groeten / Best regards,

Ger Hobbelt

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