On 2008.03.27 at 14:52:19 -0400, Bobby Krupczak wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to build a multi-platform application using openssl. I'm
> using the win32 ssl libs built by Shining Path. However, those libs
> require msvcr71.dll whilst the rest of my apps are compiled such that
> they only require msvcr.dll
> Since I want my app to run out-of-box on win2k, winXP, win2003, vista,
> etc., I'd like to have my app only use the least-common denominator of
> libs.
> I'm somewhat confused by all the various version of msvcr.dll.
> Is it possible to obtain (or build) a version of 0.9.8g that can use
> an older version of msvcr.dll ? I'd prefer not to have to distribut

> msvcr711.dll with my app.

Just use Migw32 compiler instead of microsoft one. I prefer using migw32
as linux-hosted cross-compiler to build windwos executables from
programmer-friendly Linux environment.
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