> > There's a relevant discussion about the issue at
> > http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/Sho...235&SiteID=3D=

> > Providing the following in a header somewhere is probably the most
> > suitable option, otherwise the Perl build framework would need to be
> > modified to correctly detect which VC or PSDK environment is being
> > used:
> >
> > #if _MSC_FULL_VER > 140000000 && _MSC_FULL_VER <=3D 140040310 #pragma
> > comment(lib,"bufferoverflowU.lib") #endif
> >
> > Again, all of this is moot if /GS isn't added as a CFLAG ;-)

> Well, the link you've provided yourself mentions that some of libraries
> provided with some Platform SDKs required the library in question, i.e.
> even without specifying /GS on your own code. In other words, adding of
> the library in question was not a coincidence, mistake or omission. As
> we see now it didn't hold in long run, but by that time it was required.
> Something will be done about this. Cheers. A.

Agreed; since sending that e-mail, I had to deal with a bunch of other proj=
ects that also explicitly linked bufferoverflowu.lib, regardless of /GS. T=
he #if pragma referred to above worked for me in each project (Tcl/Tk, Pyth=
on, Berkeley DB, SQLite 3).

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