owner-openssl-users@openssl.org wrote on 04/02/2008 02:16:19 PM:

> Hi all ,
> I am a newbie to OpenSSL . I have written a client and server program

using OpenSSL that
> works properly doin certificate verification , authentication etal .
> Now i want to encrypt my data on the client side using 3DES algorithm

.....i m confused
> which is the way to go ..using ciphers EVP apis like EVP_des_ede3_cbc()

or built in
> custom functions like DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt()

Use EVP with EVP_des_ede3_cbc() - high level API.
DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt() is low level API

Best regards,
Marek Marcola

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