* Wockenfu=DF, Frank wrote on Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 09:07 +0200:
> Thank you for that hint.
> I will try to rebuild the class as singleton. This could help,
> but isn't really nice.

I think you'd need multiple classes. For things done once a
program life time, a C++ class (singleton) may not be suited, a
simple ordinary init function may be sufficient. However, such an
instance could make sense for instance if used on stack around
main in something like this:

int main()
OpenSSLAllEverything allocation;
return main_();

to ensure that it is released exactly once even in case of
exceptions. Maybe the class assert()s that it is constructed only
once to help application developers to find usage problems

I think it is essential and required to call RAND_seed once and
only once. Functions like X509_verify_cert may be desired as

> > Doing it per-object creation is unnecessary and error prone=20
> > (as maybe the case here). I believe it should be possible to=20
> > do it once per program lifetime without changing your C++=20
> > class too much.

Maybe having a static instance counter, so resources could be
freed if the last instance is destroyed? But to much automagic
handling may not be good; imagine, this would be linked with a
similar class that also has its own instance counter...


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