> Our program that use openssl can't work normally with
> 'https' protocol. Then we use ethereal to sniff data on
> the port 443 and find that client doens't send "client hello"
> message to server after it finish tcp handshake. Does anyone
> known about this? BTW: the openssl lib is fine under another
> environment. Does anyone have any idea? Any suggestion and help
> are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You're asking us to find the bug in a program we can't see. All we can do is

FWIW, I once had this exact same problem when I was writing my very first
piece of code to implement OpenSSL and BIO pairs. The problem was that
nothing triggered by code to send data on the socket. No data had been
received on the socket, no data had been sent by the application, so there
seemed to be no reason to do anything at all.

Your problem may be a deadlock issue where you are waiting for something to
happen (on the socket or the application I/O side) and everything else is
waiting for you to call some OpenSSL function that will trigger the sending
of the client hello.

Are you calling into the OpenSSL library? If not, how is the client hello
going to get sent?! (Some code has to run in order to send any data.) If so,
what function and what is it returning?


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