I haven't used it yet, but the latest CVS source tree at least
contains a new CMS API, plus documentation and a 'cms' test tools in

You might want to go and have look, because to me at least this looks
like the material you're looking for.



> Hi all/
> I am shiva, working on security issues using Openssl Api's. Our requirem=

> is we need to Sign the file, compress the file , encrypt the file as a
> CMS(crypto graphic message syntax) package.
> I am able to do the signing, compression, encryption using the OpenSSl Ap=

> in C language. But our requirement is we need to envelope the signed ,
> compressed and encrypted files as a CMS package.
> Basically we are using
> RSA_sign
> EVP_EncryptUpdate
> RSA_public_encrypt for signing and encryption of the data.
> But we did not understand how to implement those as a CMS package. I am
> thinking Implementing the above functions it self implementation of CMS, =

> I am not sure about it, can you please conform whether I am correct or no=

t ?
> if I am wrong, is there any functions that I need to implement for the CM=

> And one more doubt is does using of openssl Api's will implement the CMS =

> not ?
> If all my understating is wrong please let me know what are the
> implementations for the CMS using the openssl.
> Please help me in this regard=85
> Thanks in advance

Met vriendelijke groeten / Best regards,

Ger Hobbelt

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