On Tue, Apr 01, 2008, rfx wrote:

> I use this function with success to sign a message and add a cert file :
> openssl smime -sign -in message.txt -text -out mail.msg -signer mycert.pem
> -inkey mykey.pem -certfile othercert.pem
> But when i try to sign with "opaque" function "nodetach" it don't want to
> add cert file :
> "openssl smime -sign -in message.txt -text -out mail.msg -nodetach -signer
> mycert.pem -inkey mykey.pem -certfile othercert.pem" = no success
> "openssl smime -sign -in message.txt -text -out mail.msg -nodetach -signer
> mycert.pem -inkey mykey.pem" = success

What happens? Do you get an error message or do you think it isn't adding the

I've just tried OpenSSL 0.9.8 from CVS and can't see any obvious problems.

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