On Tue, Apr 01, 2008, shankar ks wrote:

> Hi all/
> I am shiva, working on security issues using Openssl Api's. Our requirement
> is we need to Sign the file, compress the file , encrypt the file as a
> CMS(crypto graphic message syntax) package.
> I am able to do the signing, compression, encryption using the OpenSSl Api's
> in C language. But our requirement is we need to envelope the signed ,
> compressed and encrypted files as a CMS package.
> Basically we are using
> RSA_sign
> EVP_EncryptUpdate
> RSA_public_encrypt for signing and encryption of the data.
> But we did not understand how to implement those as a CMS package. I am
> thinking Implementing the above functions it self implementation of CMS, but
> I am not sure about it, can you please conform whether I am correct or not ?
> if I am wrong, is there any functions that I need to implement for the CMS.
> And one more doubt is does using of openssl Api's will implement the CMS or
> not ?
> If all my understating is wrong please let me know what are the
> implementations for the CMS using the openssl.

The functions above have nothing to do with CMS. They just handle raw data.
OpenSSL has supported PKCS#7 for some time but not CMS.

CMS support is currently under development in HEAD and the API is not currently
documented other than the "cms" utility.

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