Hi Jimmy, Thanks for your response. Kindly find my thoughts inlined..

> Question:
> So, the question is: How can we generate a key for Triple DES encryption a=

> write out the same in a file?

Simple answer for 'how to generate a key for a symmetric cipher' is 'use
a pseudo-random generator' to generate key/IV pairs of desired length.

--- This will be sufficient for my case. Is there a way to generate the same=
from the command line,
or we have to generate in a program using "DES_random_key". I could not fin=
d a way to do from the
command line.

How to write out to a file? Simple answer: base64, or raw binary, or etc..

Have you considered if PKCS12 or PEM would suite your application's needs?

--- PEM will suit well.

> I tried the genrsa and dsa options but they seem to generate keys for
> RSA/DSA encryptions. Also, we can specify the length of modulus in those
> keys. But they will not map well in T-Des case.

Don't know how rsa/dsa can help with DES

--- Yes, right. I agree.

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