Is it intended that it is not possible to re-enter FIPS mode via
FIPS_mode_set(1) after previouly calling FIPS_mode_set(1) then
FIPS_mode_set(0)? If you do so, the RAND_bytes() call at fips.c line 307
fails. It seem the sequence of events is this:

1. FIPS_mode_set(1), RAND_set_rand_method(FIPS_rand_method()) called.
2. FIPS_mode_set(0), FIPS mode disabled but rand_method not reset to
non-FIPS method.
3. FIPS_mode_set(1), RAND_bytes() fails because it attempts to use
fips_rand with an unkeyed context.

This is with openssl-fips-test-1.2.0.

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