Thank you Dr. Henson for your prompt responding.

We figured out. The latest minGW/gcc 3.4.5 generated fipscanister.o
causes MSVC linkers crash when make libeay32.dll though the static
library and .exe linked with it are fine. However, the fipscanister.o
generated by mingGW/gcc 3.4.2 does not crash MSVC when build
libeay32.dll. gcc 3.4.2 is the version mentioned in FIPS User Guide.=20

I am impressed by openssl knowledge sharing. This is much quicker than
MSDN support.


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On Wed, Mar 19, 2008, Ming Rutar wrote:

> Hi,
> I've tried to build FIPS compliant libeay32.dll with MSVC but with no

success. The minGW/gcc objects (fipscanister.o, etc.) crashes MSVC 6.x
and 8.x linkers. MSVC 9.0 is able to build the dll, but it is not a
valid dll and cannot be loaded by premain_dso.=20
> Is it possible to make libeay32.dll with MSVC? if yeas, how?

Make sure you are using a newer version of gcc. Some older versions
problems, I've never seen the linker crash but I have seen random and
apparently arbitrary application crashes.

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