Hi all,

my program uses openssl and is tested under HP-UX B.11.11, Solaris 8,9
and 10, and on a couple of Linux flavours. It works with all of them.=20

I am right now porting my software to AIX 5.3, and now I seeem to have
some problems with the openssl part. I use non-blocking sockets and use
SSL_accept to accept an incoming connection. SSL_accept always returns
an error (SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL). I found something in a newsgroup which
would points to the direction that there is an error in the underlying


Is this so? I compiled my software and openssl with GNU GCC 4.2.3, and
gmake tests was successfull for openssl? Just let me know if you have
any experience on AIX with non-blocking sockets. If not, I need to do
some debugging.

Thanks in advance.

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