> Wow, is it possible one can't get help on this simple question??????

It's entirely possible that the person who had the answer to your question
saw it and had no idea they knew the answer. Your question contains *no*
details. It would require someone to go hunting to figure out what your
problem is.

> Can't say I'm impressed with this list and the package as a whole when it
> comes to the portability or documentation regarding flags and settings. If
> the settings aren't handled by the config script then your on your own.

You are welcome to purchase support from anyone who will sell it to you.

> > I'm compiling for a 32Bit embedded environment and am working modifying
> > the Makefile to successfully compile.

You don't state the platform! That should be in the subject line. As a
result, anyone with experience with that platform will likely ignore your
message. If you put the name of the platform in the subject, someone who
knows that platform will likely see it.

> > I've run into a couple of errors regarding endianness and 64bit types.

And you don't give the errors. So anyone who has seen those errors and fixed
them won't pay attention.

> > 1. I'm using -DL_ENDIAN as a CFLAG but run into an error when including
> > ieeefp.h. Can someone explain the proper flag (it could be

> overriden using
> > __IEEE_LITTLE_ENDIAN but not clear if this is proper).

And you don't specify the error again.

> > 2. sha.h has @ line 161...
> >
> > #if (defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64)) && !defined(__MINGW32__)
> > #define SHA_LONG64 unsigned __int64
> > #define U64(C) C##UI64
> > #elif defined(__arch64__)
> > #define SHA_LONG64 unsigned long
> > #define U64(C) C##UL
> > #else
> > #define SHA_LONG64 unsigned long long
> > #define U64(C) C##ULL
> > #endif
> >
> > How do I declare a 32bit environment? My target is not windows but an
> > embedded OS.

And you don't state your target or what CPU it uses.

> > Does someone have insight into this?

It's quite likely someone does, but they have no idea that they have the
answer to your question.


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