Wow, is it possible one can't get help on this simple question??????

Can't say I'm impressed with this list and the package as a whole when it
comes to the portability or documentation regarding flags and settings. If
the settings aren't handled by the config script then your on your own.

Embedded wrote:
> I'm compiling for a 32Bit embedded environment and am working modifying
> the Makefile to successfully compile.
> I've run into a couple of errors regarding endianness and 64bit types.
> 1. I'm using -DL_ENDIAN as a CFLAG but run into an error when including
> ieeefp.h. Can someone explain the proper flag (it could be overriden using
> __IEEE_LITTLE_ENDIAN but not clear if this is proper).
> 2. sha.h has @ line 161...
> #if (defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64)) && !defined(__MINGW32__)
> #define SHA_LONG64 unsigned __int64
> #define U64(C) C##UI64
> #elif defined(__arch64__)
> #define SHA_LONG64 unsigned long
> #define U64(C) C##UL
> #else
> #define SHA_LONG64 unsigned long long
> #define U64(C) C##ULL
> #endif
> How do I declare a 32bit environment? My target is not windows but an
> embedded OS.
> Does someone have insight into this?

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