EL HACHIMI Driss wrote:
> Hello,
> I have to setup an SSL communication between a client and a server. I have bought the OpenSSL book and I have downloaded the last OpenSSL release version.
> I think the first think to do is to set up my certification authority following these steps:
> Create an environment for my CA
> Build an OpenSSL configuration file
> Create a self signed root certificate
> Issue a certificate
> Within the book, I don't find the OpenSSL commands to perform these operations. Could you help me?
> Thank you
> Best Regards
> Driss El Hachimi

There are many, many guides out there (Search for PKI Howto on Google).
If you want a very extensive example that explains just about all of the
possible extensions and situations for which you may want to configure
OpenSSL, we have written one and it is at:


Have fun.

Patrick Patterson
Carillon Information Security Inc.
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