Kyle Hamilton wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at

> Since it's infeasable to store all of the possible keypairs in the
> number of atoms in the universe, your assertion holds no water.

Did you do the calculation? The number of primes less than or equal
to 512 bits in length number around 10**150, but not all are usable.
Many are disqualified by research into weak decryption exponents which
different parties believe starts with d in (N**0.292, N**0.500).

Standard choices for e (by convention picked for easy exponentiation when
verifying signatures) further limits the field.

Picking p, q that are within a fairly narrow range in order to guarantee
a predictable modulus len (2048, not 2047 or 2049) further restricts the

Yeah, you won't run out of primes, but you won't run out of space
for the ones you have used.
- M
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