Hi, all:

I come across a problem in using crypto library in OpenSSL.

We are using EVP_DecryptInit(), EVP_DecryptUpdate(), and EVP_DecryptFinal()=
to do the decryption of the user's password after the user logs in. Howeve=
r, I just found when the user's password is "$elkins02", the decrypted stri=
ng will be empty one (whose strlen() =3D=3D 0).

I have changed the user's password to "$dlkins02", "$flkins02", and "$Elkin=
s02", and all of them can be decypted correctly. So I suspect crypto librar=
y can't handle the substring "$e" in password. But another password "$eFair=
123" can be decrypted correctly. I am really at a loss what combination wil=
l cause the crypto library unable to decrypt password.

Anyone has spotted the problem before? We are using OpenSSL 0.9.7a.

Any suggestion is welcome,
Xu Qiang
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