> [qianbohound@hotmail.com - Fri Mar 07 09:30:15 2008]:
> 2)
> root@sshpa6# pwd
> /home/boqian/fips/openssl-fips-0.9.8f-dev
> root@sshpa6# ./Configure hpux-cc fipscanisterbuild

You should do:

../config fipscanisterbuild

> It shows the eckey_secp112r1.pem file's format may be wrong.
> Is there any workaround? Could you investigate this problem?
> Thank you and looking forward to your reply!

The 1.2 module has been submitted for validation and the code is now
frozen. We can't modify that at this stage.

However you can use the 1.2 test tarball to generate the FIPS module and
then use a later version of OpenSSL 0.9.8-fips to produce the libraries.
I suggest you see if your problem applies to that version too. If so
we'll fix it.

See the documentation for details about how to link 0.9.8-fips against
the test FIPS module.

Note that the EC implementation is not part of the FIPS modules so will
not be an approved algorithm in FIPS mode.

Well nothing has been validated yet as testing isn't complete...
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