> With openSSL, what is the "usual way" to select a network interface on a
> multihomed device?
> I know that with a regular socket I could use ioctl SIOCSIFNAME. But I
> don't see a way to do that for a client SSL connection.
> BIO* conn = BIO_new_connect(addr);
> BIO_do_connect(conn); // <== socket gets created & connected;
> // interface selection is not under program
> control
> ssl = SSL_new(ctx);
> SSL_set_bio(ssl, conn, conn);
> err = SSL_connect(ssl);
> I hope I don't have to write my own BIO.
> Any ideas?

Why don't you use the regular socket creation method (using ioctl) that
you have combined with BIO_new_socket()? Of course then you'd have do
the connection part manually; but you don't have write a new BIO!

I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.
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