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From: "Norm Bumbieris"
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2008 4:42 PM
Subject: Net ssleay on Active Perl

> Dear Users
> I am presently trying to insert Net ssleay V1.32 into Active Perl V5.8.0
> build 805 for Windows XP SP2. I downloaded the relevant zip file, however,
> I
> am having real problems getting it to compile and install. It appears that
> there is somewhere out there a module for Active Perls PPM however I have
> been unable to find a repository with it and a location if known would be
> greatly appreciated.
> I have already managed to successfully download and compile openssl
> V0.9.8G.

You can get Net-SSLeay-1.32 from the uwinnipeg rep:
ppm install http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/Net-SSLeay.ppd

I'm not sure whether that will work with the openssl that you have compiled.
(During the 'ppm install' you'll be prompted to install a pre-built openssl,
which you might need to do if you want that ppm to work.)

I built Net-SSLeay against 0.9.8g a few days ago. To get it to build, I
discarded the Makefile.PL that shipped with the Net-SSLeay-1.32 source and
used this one instead:

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;

'Sub::Uplevel' => '0',
'Test::Exception' => '0',
'Array::Compare' => '0',
'Tree:AG_Node' => '0',
'Test::Warn' => '0',
'MIME::Base64' =>0,
NAME => 'Net::SSLeay',
INC => '-IC:/_32/msys/local/ssl/include',
['-LC:/_32/msys/local/ssl/lib -lssl -lcrypto -LC:/_32/msys/local/lib -lz'],
VERSION_FROM => 'lib/Net/SSLeay.pm',

If you amend the INC setting to point to the location of your openssl
includes, and amend the LIBS settings to reflect the name and location of
the import/static libraries on your box, then it will probably work for you.
I had actually built a static openssl lib using MinGW, but I think things
will be (generically) the same with your perl and openssl.

You can ignore the -LC:/_32/msys/local/lib -lz' unless you built your
openssl with zlib compression support. Even then, if you built a dynamic
openssl (dll) you can probably still ignore it. (If you get linking errors
relating to 'compress' and 'deflate' then you'll know you need to link to

If you want to go that way (instead of the ppm route), but have trouble
getting that Makefile.PL to work, feel free to get back to us.


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