Radhika Hebbar wrote:
> Hi,
> Iím writing an application on Solaris10AMD64 using 0.9.7d version of
> OpenSSL (comes along with the OS). In my application,
> AES_set_encrypt_key() is returning -2 for 256 bit key length. I also
> found that it works only for 128 bit key length. I came to know that
> this is a known issue with OpenSSL on Solaris10AMD64. There is also a
> source code patch available for this problem.
> http://fixunix.com/openssh/176914-pa...ns-128bit.html
> I wanted to know is there any binary patch available for this so that
> my application works with 256 bit key length?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Radhika.

According to all the docs I have found RE: Sun, the software distributed
with the OS only supports 128 bit keys. We recently ran into this
because we need to use AES256 in openssh. We had to install SunFreeware
versions to get that.


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