> I am having some issues with a server application that is based on

> Here are the details:
> The server application uses OpenSSL ver. 0.9.7g and runs on AIX 5.3.
> Sometimes when it processes a client request the SSL_accept() function
> returns an error -1 and the SSL_get_error() function returns 5. I have

> say that I am not invoking the SSL_free() function when the error occurs

> a matter of fact, the application continues proccesing new conections
> succesfully. The problem is that when the application brakes in the
> SSL_accept() function due to the error -1 | 5 it loses performance and
> starts having problems to process new conections.
> I have found some threads in forums asking for help on issues with this

> behaviour in the same platform but no body has given an advice.
> I wonder if what is happening with the application is consider a bug.
> I will appreciate for any advice or tip that you can give me to make my
> application works avoiding this issue.

This error means SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL and you may get system errno code
for further problem investigation.
You may also need to look at your application logic, maybe some allocated
memory is not released after this error occur, some filedescriptors
not closed or even threads not cleared.

Best regards,
Marek Marcola

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