Hi all,

I'm using openSLL in a Windows application. I have version 0.9.8g.

I'm using a private key to sign a MD5sum, which I later would like to
verify. I use RSA_public_decrypt to decrypt the checksum.

Depending on which private/public key pair I'm using
RSA_public_decrypt will fail because of padding issues, error:
0407006A:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not

I have one pair that works and one that doesn't. I create my cert/priv-
key by using:
openssl req -days 365 -x509 -newkey rsa:2048 -out prod-ca-cert.pem -
outform PEM -config ../openssl.cfg

openssl req -new -key key.pem -out prod.csr -config ../openssl.cfg

openssl ca -startdate 080101000000Z -enddate 090101000000Z -config ../
openssl.cfg -in prod.csr -out prod.crt

Is there some parameters that controls the padding in the private key?

The strange thing is if I use the command-line version of openSLL in
Cygwin the verification works fine.