Hi there,

I am having some issues with a server application that is based on openSSL.

Here are the details:
The server application uses OpenSSL ver. 0.9.7g and runs on AIX 5.3.
Sometimes when it processes a client request the SSL_accept() function
returns an error -1 and the SSL_get_error() function returns 5. I have to
say that I am not invoking the SSL_free() function when the error occurs as
a matter of fact, the application continues proccesing new conections
succesfully. The problem is that when the application brakes in the
SSL_accept() function due to the error -1 | 5 it loses performance and
starts having problems to process new conections.

I have found some threads in forums asking for help on issues with this same
behaviour in the same platform but no body has given an advice.

I wonder if what is happening with the application is consider a bug.

I will appreciate for any advice or tip that you can give me to make my
application works avoiding this issue.
Thanks in advance for your time and aid.

Ricardo Vázquez.
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