On Wed, Jan 16, 2008, rfx wrote:

> "If i all understood" ;-)
> I have 2 certificates :
> - One with "keyusage" as AC Certificate "CertAC.cer"
> - One with "keyusage" as crl signer Certificate "Cert_crlsigner.cer"
> But they have the same hash so the name with ".0" extension is the same !!
> So when the last file copy is "Cert_crlsigner.cer" i have "unable to get
> issuer certificate" error
> and when the last file copy is "CertAC.cer" i have "key usage does not
> include CRL signing" error
> Is it the reason of my problems ?
> So how to have different name with the same DN using for the hash ?

If they have the same name then use .1 for one of them.

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