On Wed, Jan 16, 2008, Fabien Penso wrote:

> > What key size are you using? If it is something large like 8192 bits it will
> > take longer. You also have the overhead of running the openssl command each
> > time.

> standard "RSA Public Key: (4096 bit)", nothing fancy. I feel like 17
> seconds per 100 mails is slow. I was hoping I would find a way to go
> faster.

Well a quick test on my laptop with:

openssl speed rsa4096

Gives 6.7 signs/s which isn't that far from what you are seeing. Try a smaller
key size. 2048 bits is fine and gives 44.2 sign/s on my setup.

A 1024 bit key would be faster still but their use is now being discouraged.

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